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Establishing your own business from scratch is not the only way to become an entrepreneur. Franchising allows you to work within some brands you’ve definitely heard of before. Buying a franchise will enable you to kill two birds with one stone. You become a business owner, and because you buy into an established brand and business model, you don’t have to spend as much time on marketing and strategizing. 

Automotive Industry based franchises offer you the opportunity to work within some brands you’ve definitely heard of before.

So, if you dream of having an automotive business, it’s time to consider automotive franchises.

Automotive franchises include a large number of companies and activities involved in the manufacture of motor vehicles. This industry’s main products are passenger automobiles and light trucks, including pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles. It’s a rather significant market with promising prospects. 

Automotive franchise opportunities have their advantages and disadvantages. Blackmore Franchise Consulting is here to help you navigate these perks and cons, and invest in a franchise that pays off in the long run. 

 Basics of Buying a Franchise Business

Generally speaking, there are four steps involved in buying a franchise, including one that involves automotive, but the overall process may vary depending on the industry and the parties involved. 

Identify your business interests and make a list of industries based on them (you have done this one already and landed on automotive franchises). 

Research franchising opportunities in those industries and conduct due diligence. 

File the necessary documentation and seal the deal. 

Receive training and support from the franchise to begin the operations. 

This is a somewhat simplified description of the process. However, in reality, franchising has its nuances, which are hard to notice and handle if you are not a professional. From identifying market trends to making sense of the due diligence process, you need a reliable partner who will help you navigate those nuances and become an automotive franchise owner. Blackmore Franchise Consulting is ready to be your trustworthy partner in this exciting journey, and we’re excited to use our years of experience and expertise to benefit you. 

We will spare no effort to ensure a smooth experience with no questions left unanswered.  

About Blackmore Franchise Consulting 

Based in Winter Park, Florida, Blackmore Franchise Consulting is a leading franchise consulting firm with years of experience, extensive knowledge, and resources under its belt. Our company is partnered with over 400 top franchises from 20+ industries such as pet, painting, child, and senior care services to automotive, vending, and service sectors. 

A note from our lead consultant Laura Blackmore:
“As a certified franchise consultant with extensive experience in the franchise industry and 25 years in finance and corporate America, I bring a unique and helpful process to evaluate franchise ownership. My process takes a close look at your objectives, reasons, and budget. I listen to you, learn why you want to own a business, and what is important to you regarding the type of business. I will leverage my experience and hard work to help you determine if this is the right path for you, and I promise I will find options that meet your criteria and exceed your expectations. Owning a business is hard work, but it is also very rewarding, and I want to help you in your search.” 

We use our connections and skills, and demonstrate a professional approach to help our clients find and become owners of their dream franchises. Using thorough research and analysis, we recommend only those franchises that have strong success rates.

 Our work with clients consists of three essential steps: 

Step #1 – An initial interview with the client to gain insights on their previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses, investment range, target market, etc. 

Step #2 – Select and present ideal franchise opportunities based on interview results and help clients research them.

Step #3 – Once the client chooses a franchise, we will facilitate the introduction to the franchise. 

This collaboration model allows us to gain insight into your needs and wants and use that information to guide you through the process of acquiring an automotive franchise. 

Why Should You Choose Blackmore Franchise Consulting?

At Blackmore Franchise Consulting, we have a clear mission –  to help every client who walks through our door to find the perfect franchise opportunity. So, we work continuously to expand our partnerships, to learn and grow. 

We currently represent over 20 industries with more than 500 franchise opportunities, one of which can become yours. 

With Blackmore Franchise Consulting, you can expect: 

Exclusively high-quality services and professionalism

Our main job is to simplify the franchising process and provide you with a clear path where the final destination is a successful investment. Using our 30+ years in business, entrepreneurship, and financial leadership, our consultants will guide you through each franchising stage. Meeting your needs is not enough for us; we aim to exceed your expectations.  

Constant and ongoing support 

At Blackmore Franchise Consulting, we listen. We will take your whys, wants, and resources and translate them to franchise and business options that fit that need and desire. Franchising can be confusing. You can count on our constant and ongoing support throughout the whole process. 

Detailed research  

Our conversations are followed by thorough research. The abundance of opportunities and the constant flow of information can be overwhelming. Using our in-depth business knowledge and extensive franchise industry experience, we will help you research effectively and make a wise investment.

100% free of charge consulting 

You can gain all these benefits from Blackmore Franchise Consulting free of charge. We offer high-quality consulting services for free. We receive monetary compensation from the franchisor to help them identify the best franchise owners for their systems. Our payment does not in any way affect your investment fees.