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The Pet Industry is the 7th largest industry in the US. In 2019, $95.7 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S. This is expected to continue growing 2-3 billion a year and has averaged 5.4% growth for the past 20 years. This growth occurs regardless of the economy—people spend on their pets even during recessions. There are many options in this space for both semi-absentee and owner-operator.

One of the first things you discover when you look into franchising opportunities is the variety and abundance of industries. There is no doubt that you will find industry and a specific franchisor that matches your interests, passion, and vision. It may also be that you are not looking for any particular niche but rather promising franchise opportunities with high success rates. One such option is pet services. 

The Pet industry is the 7th largest in the US. In 2019, the annual income of the whole pet industry was $95.7 billion, and it’s expected to continue growing 2-3 billion a year with 5.4% growth for the next 20 years. These numbers make the pet franchise opportunities very tempting. Here is another fact that will convince you: growth in the pet industry is steady regardless of the economy. The reason is that people spend on their pets even during recessions. 

There are plenty of pet franchise opportunities to choose from, whether you are looking for semi-absentee and owner-operated franchises. 

If you want to become a pet franchise owner, then reach out to Blackmore Franchise Consulting today, and we will help you get the ball rolling. 

An Overview of Pet Franchise Opportunities 

In the last two decades, the number of pet services has increased drastically. Pet food and vet clinics are no longer the only profitable options. The number of pet owners increases, and so does the demand for a variety of services. Here are some pet franchise opportunities you can consider: 

Animal daycare franchises – people want to have pets, but they also work, study and need vacations, and that’s when animal daycare comes to rescue. 

Dog walking franchises – similar to daycare, because of work and time constraints, not all owners can walk their dogs two times a day, so they opt for a service that does it.  

Pet grooming franchises – showering and grooming pets can become a real nightmare, so pet grooming services will always be in demand.  

If you are not sure and want to learn more about pet franchise opportunities, get in touch with Blackmore Franchise Consulting. We will answer all your questions and assist you in all stages of the franchising process. 

What Does Blackmore Franchise Consulting Do?

Blackmore Franchise Consulting is a long-term partner with more than 400 top owner-operated, semi-absentee, and passive franchises from 20+ industries such as pet, painting, child and senior care services, automotive, vending, service industries, and more. 

We take pride in our team of professional consultants led by Laure Blackmore. We leverage our extensive experience, business knowledge, and hard work to help you navigate the franchising process and avoid problems and complications that may arise along the way. 

Blackmore Franchise Consulting prioritizes research and analysis to recommend only those franchises that have stable success rates. We are 100% devoted to each of our clients, and we spare no effort to help them realize their dreams, achieve their goals, and become business owners. 

Let’s Work Together 

With Blackmore Franchise Consulting, you can find the perfect pet franchise opportunity for free. Yes, our premium consulting services are entirely free of charge, as we receive compensation from franchise companies for our role in finding the best franchisee that matches their mission, values, and fits their system. Under federal law, our fee doesn’t affect your investment cost. 

Blackmore Franchise Consulting offers all-in-one consulting packages. We will walk hand in hand with you along the franchising process. Over the years, we have developed a straightforward working method free of any complications. Here is how we work:

Step #1 – We conduct an interview to understand your previous experiences, goals, strengths, weaknesses, investment range, target market, etc. 

Step #2 – Based on our conversations, we select ideal franchise opportunities for you and research them thoroughly.

Step #3 – Once you choose the ones you’re interested in, we will facilitate the introduction to the franchise and help you handle the documentation involved. 

We start by listening to you. We are working for YOU, and we represent your best interests at all times. At Blackmore Franchise Consulting, our mission is to make sure that you make the right decisions along your journey. Together, we will strategize and find a pet franchise that has a steady success rate.

Your dream is closer than you think. You can become the owner of a pet franchise very soon. Get in touch with us, and we will get the process started. 

We Can Help You Find the Best Pet Franchise Opportunities

While it won’t take nearly as much time as establishing a business from scratch, buying a franchise is still a timely process that entails important decisions, research, documents, and legal terms. Blackmore Franchise Consulting is there to guide you and steer you in the right direction, where the final destination is becoming an owner of a successful pet franchise.  

We are partners with some of the best and top pet franchises in the market. Our consultants will help you look into each of them and choose the one that best fits your business interests, budget, location, target market, etc. 

Our cooperation doesn’t end at finding the right opportunity. Blackmore Franchise Consulting will provide you with ongoing support in all stages of franchising. We will consider all your whys, wants, and resources and help you find the perfect franchise. 

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Our team looks forward to getting to know you and helping you make an important step in your life.  Owning a business is hard work, but it is also very rewarding, and we want to help you with your search. We will listen to your story, take what’s important to you, and translate that into franchise and business options that fit your needs and desires.

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