Every franchise owner dreams of their business being successful. However, not every owner has what it takes to be a successful franchisee. Yet, the secret to success may be found in an entrepreneur’s personality traits and choosing a business venture that perfectly matches them. Amongst the sea of successful franchises in the U.S., there is one thing their owners all have in common; it’s that their essential traits have helped them find success.

Think you have the traits that will help you find success? Read our top picks for traits a successful franchise owner has and see! Then, lastly, if you’re interested in chatting about franchise ownership, feel free to schedule a call with me.


People Person

As a franchise owner, you’re often the face of your branch, and customers will associate you with the company. To be a successful franchisee, you have to embrace this, and of course, be a people person. This means having a pleasant attitude, being an easy person to work with, and a leader that your employees can trust. Being a people person also lends itself to salesmanship, patience, and having welcoming energy. These traits not only help bring success; they also create memorable experiences that can positively impact your customers and keep them coming back for years to come.


Willing to Learn

There’s not much room for ego in the franchising industry. You have to be willing to grow and learn throughout your career. Successful franchisees understand that to be successful, you can’t get stuck in your ways or use the same approach to business ownership. There is always something new to learn, a new trend emerging, and by being open to growing and acquiring new skills, you can help your business and your franchise family grow significantly.



One thing business owners will quickly discover when trying to build and maintain a healthy business is that whatever can go wrong will. You can’t let this defeat you. Successful franchisees are those who are thick-skinned and determined to keep on pushing. They rise to every challenge that stands before them and understand that there is a lot of trial and error with business ownership.


Team Player

If you believe that you can run a franchise alone, you’re sorely mistaken. A top trait of a successful franchisee is being a team player and relying on their employees to help keep the business running like a well-oiled machine. It also means being a resource for other franchisees within your network. The knowledge shared with you throughout your journey can be passed on to other new franchisees, further increasing their chances of success.


Hard Working

Nothing beats a good old can-do attitude, and successful franchisees have plenty of it. As a franchise owner, you’ll be putting in long hours, handling multiple tasks, and even training new employees on occasion. So, this attitude is a necessary ingredient in the recipe that is growing a healthy and successful business. It can help you stay motivated and boost the morale of your team.



Blackmore Franchise Consulting

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