Seemingly overnight, the childcare industry has grown into one of the number one franchise business opportunities. In 2019, experts reported that childcare would bloom into a $54 billion industry, and it is forecasted to continue growing for the foreseeable future.

For entrepreneurs looking to jump into the franchise industry, childcare is an advantageous and profitable option that packs tons of community and emotional benefits. If you’re unsure if you should invest in a childcare franchise, let’s check out five reasons why you absolutely should.

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Significant Growth Opportunity

Alongside senior care franchising, the childcare franchise industry has experienced significant annual growth in recent years. More than 70 million children live in the U.S. today, with more than 15 million of them being under the age of six.

Because of the growing demand for childcare and more parents or legal guardians returning to work as the pandemic slowly winds down, you can fill an ever-growing need if you invest in a childcare franchise.


Flexible Schedule

One of the top reasons that entrepreneurs look to franchising is for the opportunity to be their own boss and be in charge of their work schedule. You should invest in a childcare franchise because this branch of the industry offers the same perks.

You can also decide how hands-on you want to be with the business. The flexibility that comes with choosing your own schedule enables you to balance your work and home life with the added bonus of maintaining your favorite hobbies, too.


It is an Essential Service

If the global pandemic has brought anything to light, it’s how essential childcare is to many families. Many of the people who lean on childcare services need them, mostly because of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) work. Putting them in childcare is the best way to ensure their safety while investing in their fundamental growth. Knowing you’re helping your community on a crucial level solidifies why you should invest in a childcare franchise.


An Investment in the Future

As a famous song once said, “the children are our future,” and if you should invest in a childcare franchise, you will play a significant role in the development, learning, and shaping of a future generation. Few business opportunities can boast such an impact and are as rewarding.

The best part is, no experience is necessary. Even if you have little to no experience working with children, you can still be a successful franchise owner. Although, a deep love for children will undoubtedly give you an advantage over other childcare franchises.


You Can Put Your Skills and Passions to Use

Whether you’re a young professional or someone looking for a business venture after retirement, chances are you’ve accumulated a few skills throughout your career. All of your insights, natural and learned skills — like patience, empathy, and a listening ear — can be put to good use if you invest in a childcare franchise. You can also use your passions like art, music, cooking, or gymnastics to introduce kids to new interests and broaden their horizons.



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Buying a childcare-focused business venture is a lucrative and rewarding opportunity, and I believe it is worth it to invest in a childcare franchise. I hope my reasons have inspired you to consider it when choosing a franchise opportunity. At Blackmore Franchise Consulting, we can help you choose the perfect franchise that meets your values and goals and consult you throughout your franchise career.

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